The Virtual Museums


proposes you next a Virtual Museum of Desvres' or Boulogne French Faience.

The Museum include many "rooms" for the different factories. They will receive and show you different fantasy pieces , in faience or porcelain, 18th century productions and naturally a lot of tiles.

I decided to open several rooms dedicated to Boulogne.The rooms are not complete and are already under construction. Please be patient

If you own a piece that doesn't match in the Virtual Museum, and if you want us to add this piece with the other ones, you can send me a picture file that shows your faience and its signature, or simply send me a picture with the references (number, signature, size)

Together, we can build a virtual catalog of different products and refere it to everybody, all over the world!!


Please click on a Museum

Musée du Desvres
Musée du Boulogne



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